On the gay community

In Maythe Court of Appeal on the gay community Paris reversed certain parts of the decision, holding that the Canadian birth certificate must be recognised by the French state. The proposal never got approved. When a physical assault or murder is motivated by the sexual orientation of the victim, the law increases the penalties that are normally given.

On 5 Julythe Court of Cassation ruled that a child born to a surrogate abroad can be adopted by the partner of his or her biological father. For example, a French citizen who enters into a on the gay community partnership with a Dutch citizen in the Netherlands, and therefore assumes Dutch nationality, automatically loses their French citizenship.

Archived from the original on 11 May The first joint adoption by a same-sex couple was announced on 18 October

on the gay community

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Le Monde. Family and tribal honour are highly regarded in these cultures, and those who "bring shame to their families" are typically ostracised. Jean Diot and Bruno Lenoir were the last homosexuals burned to death on 6 July Many of these societies are very family and tribe-oriented where family honor is highly regarded.

Gay Community, Gay Identity and the Translated Text — In this paper, the author explores the multiple intersections of the notion "gay community" and "gay identity" with the problematic of translation.

On the gay community
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There are some who are drawn to the same sex but neither engage in sexual activity nor identify as g 407 | 408 | 409 | 410 | 411 administrateur de Journée mondiale de lutte contre l homophobie: à Dijon