Since two of her best friends are gay men

The boy is trapped. This film is very soft and sweet and the final twist is maybe not the one we could have foreseen, even if we had hoped it should be. And his luck or rather un-luck, though it might have been his best luck ever, was to be paired by his literature teacher with the tallest, ugliest, red-headed smartest and most bullied guy in the class, in the school.

And here he is not using innuendo and allusions.

Since two of her best friends are gay men бывает

Tu sera toujours mon 2ème meilleur homo. And there is a market for that kind of stuff, even for the real thing to be performed, if we can say so, in front of your very eyes. Love is always a miracle and it takes years at times for some of these miracles to work out. British TV series are gems of their own merit.

Emotion I guess is in that union of William Shakespeare and Joseph McCarthy in an inspiring trans-gender film, or should I say trans-genre? But Christian Markelli follows and catches up at the airport of Salt Lake City and the two will discover what love is for a good number of hours in the Airport Inn.

Since two of her best friends are gay men
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